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Dog Walk of Fame unveiled
British public’s favourite silver screen dogs are given
permanent home in Battersea Park, London

The first ever permanent ‘Dog Walk Of Fame’ has been unveiled in Battersea Park, London last Monday.

BullseyeThe Dog Walk of Fame was founded by Sky Movies and the Kennel Club and voted for by the British public to honour legendary dogs of the silver screen.

FangThe list of initial inductees into the Dog Walk of Fame was announced at the event by presenter Johnny Vaughn and his Bulldog, Harvey; Ian Lewis, Director of Sky Movies; and Caroline Kisko from the Kennel Club. Representatives of some of the famous canines that have been honoured will also be attending.

Hundreds of votes were cast by film fans and dog lovers alike for their best-loved movie canines, on From the results of that vote, the first dogs chosen to be inducted are: Bullseye, (Oliver!); Lassie, (Lassie Come Home); Toto, (The Wizard of Oz); Bobby, (Greyfriars Bobby, The True Story of a Dog); Gromit, (Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit); Chance & Shadow, (Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey) and Fang (Harry Potter films)

TotoEach dog on the list will be commemorated with a plaque and bench at the heart of Battersea Park, around the famous bandstand. Dogs will be inducted into the hall of fame on an annual basis and will be selected from all genres and eras of film history.

LassieTo commemorate this event and the Discover Dogs event at Earls Court 2 on 10th and 11th November, Sky Movies Family has dedicated an entire weekend to films starring the world’s favourite silver screen canine stars.

Ian Lewis, Director of Sky Movies said: ‘Dogs were long-overdue a permanent celebration of their unique contribution to film history. The Dog Walk Of Fame will do just that. The first inductees into the Dog Walk of Fame - from Gromit to Lassie, Toto to Fang, share an indelible place in the hearts of film lovers of all ages.’

WellardCaroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary told our dogs: ‘Dogs play a very important role in our lives, through their companionship, unconditional love and the rewarding relationship they give to us. It is fantastic to see that this is felt the world over through the recognition given by the film industry. The number of these films that are box office hits prove how much love the public have for dogs in general.’