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MP calls to save animals

MP, President of Conservative Animal Welfare and well known dog lover Roger Gale has made a call to animal lovers to help the animals caught up in the Tabasco (Mexico) floods? 

Speaking in his North Thanet constituency the MP, who is also a patron of the Kent-based charity, Animals Worldwide, said: ‘From the film footage shown on television it is already clear that hundreds if not thousands of animals will have been caught up in these floods. In addition to farm livestock many of these will be working mules and donkeys upon which people's livelihoods depend.

‘Of course the priority is always to save human life first but when the immediate crisis is over people will need jobs to return to and we have seen in the past that scant attention is paid to working animals. This is not a ‘bunny-hugging’ issue - it is a hard headed reality upon which long-term recovery and life depend.

‘We have approached Overseas Development and Foreign Office Ministers to request that an animal charity (SPANA and The Brooke are both doing sterling work in this field) should be represented on the Disasters Emergency Committee so that there is some animal rescue input from the beginning of any mission but so far the members of the DEC have been resistant to any animal charity involvement. It appears that this is a clique guarding its ‘responsibilities’ very closely and is clearly reluctant to allow another member to join an exclusive little club.

‘It was the animal charities that saved thousands of working and farm animals in Darfur and East Kenya, for example, and it's high time that their work was recognised through involvement in initial planning.  At present I have the impression that planning is far too short-term and that little consideration is given to what happens, and to how people survive after the flood waters have receded.’