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Annual 2008 around the corner!

Our Dogs Annual 2008

We are delighted to announce that the 2008 OUR DOGS Annual is now in production and will be on sale, as usual, in December.

Copies can be reserved now at your newsagent, (we are distributed by Odyssey which will help your newsagent place the order in their supply chain).

Individual copies can be bought at shows, or ordered now by mail order either through the adverts in OUR DOGS or by going online to

The Annual makes a great gift for any dog lover, even those who do not show or breed; enthusiasts the world over always appreciate the beautiful photographs, adverts, reports from shows around the world and thoought provoking articles from our leading canine journalists.
The Annual is, of course, also an essential reference book containing adverts from around the world, for everyone involved in the world of dogs and no self respecting doggie household should be without one.