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Give a dog a gin!

A CUMBRIAN dog trainer put a tip about a tipple for stressed dog owners on her website – but removed it removed after readers thought she wanted their pets to drink gin!

Ingrid Grayling said she was actually suggesting a drink might calm stressed dog owners, which would have knock-on benefits for their pooches.

The article on the website was headed ‘Gin Could Be Just The Tonic For Huffy Hounds and was aimed at people whose dogs sometimes behave irritably, especially in the evenings when the owner returns from work. The article explained that animals often pick up on the tension felt by its master or mistress after a hard day.

Ms Grayling wrote that the problem often disappears after the owner has settled down and relaxed. She suggested that if the person enjoys drink at night, then a gin and tonic could bring about a calmer state of mind to which ‘the dog would respond positively’. Now she says she will stick to giving more straightforward suggestions on her website.

It’s not the first time Ms Grayling’s advice has provoked controversy however. In April this year, OUR DOGS reported how she suggested dogs could be trained to stop chasing sheep by being fitted with a remote controlled electric shock collar, the use of which are opposed by the Kennel Club and which are set to be banned in Scotland and Wales by the Assemblies of each country.
It’s enough to drive you to drink…