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Greyhound wins companion competiton at Discover Dogs

Linda McFarlane from Daventry, Northampton has won the grand final for dogs in the Companion Dog Club competition at London’s top dog event, Discover Dogs.

Canine behaviourist, trainer and author Annette Conn congratulated owner, Linda and Jake on their achievement and presented them with their prize at Earls Court, on Sunday 11th November.
Dogs of all shapes and sizes and backgrounds joined in the fun of the competition and were judged on their relationship with their owner, general behaviour and condition. The competition consisted of the following five categories; Prettiest Bitch / Most Handsome Dog, Waggiest Tail, Best OAP, Dog Most Like His Owner and Best Rescue.

Linda, who won the Best Rescue Dog category, said: ‘I am so thrilled to have won. Jake is a retired Greyhound and was treated appallingly before we took him in. We have had him for 7 years now and are so happy for him.’

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: ‘Congratulations to Linda and Jake and everyone who took part. It’s been a fantastic competition with some real tough decisions for the judges. The competition really celebrates the wonderful world of dogs and dog ownership.’

Set up in 2001, the Companion Dog Club offers dog lovers the opportunity to register their dogs, pedigree or crossbreed, and it’s a great way to be involved with the Kennel Club. It is proving to be a very popular club, with a membership base of 5,000 and growing. Companion Dog Club shows are held all year round throughout the UK, culminating with these exciting finals at Discover Dogs.