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First Perro Cimarron Champion

The Cimarron Uruguayo has been used for centuries in Uruguay in different activites, such as a cattle dog, big game hunter and protection and defense of the house and family, writes Dr. Francisco Gonzalez, Editor of Criadores.

Perro Its origin is from the ancient dogs that came to the country with the first conquerors -mainly spanish and Portuguese - who discovered the country, along with with pre-colombian dogs that lived with the very first population of the territories.

The breed is now recognised by the FCI in the Provisional Breeds Group 2 in the section 2 of Molossoids and Dogue type. Its specialist club in Uruguay is the SCCU, founded on 1989 when the first breed show was organised in its locale, Melo city, the capital of Cerro Largo. At the moment the KCU has more than 4.500 Cimarrons registered.

The breed goes to all FCI shows and a Cimarron dog won the first title of Champion of the World at a recent FCI dog show.