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Vet care charity appeals

WHEN ASKED if they are more likely to support a group of British Charities working together on an emergency if a veterinary care agency were involved, 50% of Britons say a resounding Yes!
That is the conclusion drawn by the Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad, from its recent survey of British attitudes towards emergency appeals.

SPANA published the results to highlight the life-saving importance of dealing with livestock in emergency situations. The charity has been called in to resolve a serious problem in Eastern Chad after hundreds of thousands of refugees, fleeing from the neighbouring province of Darfur in Sudan, brought their own animals into the country, swamping that country's already limited natural resources.

Sadly, access to sufficient water and grazing resources for livestock during the annual dry season of April-June was cited as the most serious issue facing livestock owners. Earlier this year 30% of all livestock in one refugee camp (Oure Cassoni) died of starvation.