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North v south divide stretches to dogs!

NORTHERNERS ARE more likely to own dogs than southerners, according to figures released last week by the PDSA.

While cats have become the No. 1 pet of choice for many throughout the UK in recent years, levels of cat and dog ownership vary considerably depending on where their owners live, PDSA reveals – and it tends to come down to Dogs being ‘Oop North’ and Cats being ‘Darn Sarf’.

Analysis of almost 266,000 pets registered at their PetAid hospitals found that while almost three-quarters of all PDSA pet patients in the north of England are dogs, the proportion of dog patients in the south of England is significantly lower. The biggest cat/dog divide is in Northern Ireland with 80% of pets registered being dogs and just 18% cats.

PDSA Senior Veterinary Surgeon, Elaine Pendlebury said: ‘Our figures give a good indication of pet ownership trends across the UK. It’s interesting to see how both cat and dog ownership varies across the UK.’