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Animal Welfare Minister welcomes review
Greyhound industry considered

The Government this week welcomed publication of an independent review of the greyhound racing industry, chaired by Lord Donoughue.

The review was set up by the greyhound racing industry and included governance, finance and animal welfare. Lord Donoughue was asked to provide and consider evidence relating to the greyhound racing industry and to consider ways in which the industry’s standards could be improved.

Responding to the report, Animal Welfare Minister Jeff Rooker said: “Ministers will want to consider how the greyhound racing industry responds to Lord Donoughue’s review. We have already said to the industry that a lot needs to be done to get its house in order, to help improve welfare standards for the dogs used in racing. We hope that the industry will make a positive and swift response to Lord Donoughue’s recommendations.” 

Gerry Sutcliffe, Minister for Sport, at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, said: “I welcome the report that Lord Donoughue and his team are publishing today. This recognises that for the greyhound industry to meet the modern demands of sport, leisure, gambling and animal welfare, it must reform its regulation.

I therefore hope that everyone involved in administrating, promoting, funding and providing gambling facilities for this much-loved and hugely enjoyable sport will work together to develop a collective response to Lord Donoughue's recommendations.

I have no doubt that, with the proper investment and commitment, the greyhound industry can better protect the welfare of racing dogs and attract more people to enjoy the sport.”