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Dogfight woman in hiding

A WOMAN from Co Armagh, Northern Ireland has gone into hiding after she was exposed as one of the main organisers of dog fights in Ulster.

Fiona Devlin, who has close links to the notorious Farmers' Boys dog fighting group, was filmed at a legitimate dog show earlier this year by an undercover TV documentary team, in which she was shown to be involved with the cruel ‘sport’.

Devlin has not been seen since her appearance in the BBC's Panorama/Spotlight exposé on the depraved world of dog fighting which was screened at the end of August.

Devlin (23) has steadfastly refused to apologise for her role in dog fighting. Many dog enthusiasts have called for the 'fight bitch' to be banned from dog shows across Northern Ireland.

Meanwhile, park ranger Christopher Hamill - one of the leading dog-fight referees in the UK - is still absent from work on sick leave after his appearance in the programme.

OUR DOGS reported two weeks ago that Hamill had been on sick leave with ‘stress’ since he was exposed by the documentary.

A spokeswoman for the council said the dog-fight organiser was now at the centre of an investigation.