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Pet Plan Junior Stakes Final 2007
Gina tops the Junior Stars

For the 13th year, the Petplan Junior Stakes final, took place at the Adlington Hall, Macclesfield. Set in the heart of the Cheshire countryside, Adlington Hall is one of the most beautiful country homes in the United Kingdom, with a lineage dating back almost seven centuries. Quite clearly, this seemed the ideal location to host such a prestigious event. As we all know, the final is the culmination of 14 regional qualifying heats, covering 50% of the general championship shows throughout the United Kingdom, including, England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
Head of Marketing at Petplan, Mr Simon Wheeler, opened up the days events with an intro of the competition, the aim and who it is based on & wished every success for todays finalist. Simon mentioned on how well supported the Petplan stakes classes were supported throughout 2006, is the reason why the venue for today was amicable, because of the funds that were received. In its 13th year, this is the first time, the competition has been held at the Adlington Hall. The competition today, was now in the full hands of well known judge and commentator for today, Mr Andrew Brace.

A few changes to the printed programme, no fewer than eight champions were present at the competition, a record is this for such a final. Some finalists were unable to attend today. Jenny Killilea and Arlene Clure's Akita, Redwitch Ker Ching, a qualifier from Blackpool, with thanks to judge Valerie Foss, was unable to attend. He was replaced by Editha Newton's Whippet, Nave of Spades of Nevedith. The Whippet, Courthill Chase Manhattan, owned by Roger Stock and Patsy Gilmour, qualified at Windsor under Derek Smith, was also unable to attend. He was to be replaced by Karlynne Sellstrome's Shar Pei, Kaviking Here's the Man. A phone call made to the officials that morning was reported from Marita Rodgers with her qualifying Afghan, Cloudside Wardance at Montravia, in partnership with partner Phil Freer and Wendell Moore. Sadly 'Merlin' became lame that morning and was unable to be there to perform on the day. Petplan were grateful to Adam Chapell with his Great Dane, Salmalda Come on Girl - who was able to attend the competition in good time to replace the Afghan.

Due to heavy traffic, the qualifying Dobermann, Ch Amazon She Will Be Loved JW, owned by Clive and Nancy Evans and Martin and Pauline Thompson, did not make the competition on time.
Time for the dogs to make centre stage and just before they did, Andrew Brace instructed the three judges to come into the ring, officiated by Chief Steward, Mark Cocozza. The judges were Jack Bispham, Jeff Horswell and Ernie Patterson. Each judge was delegated to one side each of the ring, as each male, entered the ring and the judges assessed individuals for their breed type and conformation. A maximum of 30 points for each category was allowed. Within the male category, a number of successful dogs were there. Sarah and Rosemary Jackson's Ch Benatone Gold Ring, Maltese. Multi toy group ch show winner and Best in Show all breeds dog show. Miles has achieved 12 CCs, all of those with Best of Breed. A club show Best in Show is also included in this.

Rodney Oldham's Chow, Ch Towmena In the Frame. Framer is this years current leading top puppy in breed and has amassed 5 CCs, four of those CCs, came with Best of Breed. He has also this year, achieved a G1 and G2 and at the beginning of this year, was BPIS at Boston Ch Show. Sharon and Barbara Pinkerton's German Wirehaired Pointer, Bareve Beesterkrall 'Taylor' is champion produced, both his parents, hold the breed record, with his mother, Sh Ch Bareve Biwindi being the breeds record holder with 40 CCs. His father, Freddy - Sh Ch Freddy vom Kappellenhof at Bareve, is the male record holder with 31 CCs. Serena Parker's newly crowned Champion Beagle, Ch Serenaker Devil in Disguise JW 'Archie' is the current top puppy all breeds for 2007.

All the males were assessed and the time for the girls to strut their stuff was upon them.
Again, each dog was assessed by all three judges, for breed type and conformation. Five champions in the bitches category although one, the Dobermann, Ch Amazon She Will Be Loved, owned by the Evans and Thompson partnership, did not make the competition in time. Present in the ring was Andrea and Lucy Dixon's Miniature Schnauzer, Ch Andix Strike A Pose, Welsh Springer, Sh Ch Ferndel Holly Berry, owned by Pat Butler-Holley, or as referred to by Andrew Brace as Holly Holley. Cocker Spaniel, Sh Ch Dillonpark Ambrogina JW, 'Gina' owned by Michael Parkinson and Brian Dillon. Last of all, and present, was also Stephen and Patsy Hollings, recent group winning Weimaraner bitch from Belfast, Sh Ch Gunalt Contradiction, otherwise known as Ruby.

Once all dogs had been assessed in the first round, the second round was to award points for the movement. Each male, one by one, and afterwards, each female, were ordered to go away and back, a triangle, then leave the ring. After each dog, the judges gave their scores to the girls from Petplan, who were co-ordinating the score sheets.

All points were totalled up and the top five dogs with the most points were called back into the ring. The finalist dogs were, the Maltese - Ch Benatone Gold Ring, Chow Chow - Ch Towmena in the Frame, Beagle - Ch Serenaker Devil in Disguise JW, Cocker Spaniel Sh Ch Dillonpark Ambrogina JW, and Weimaraner - Sh Ch Gunalt Contradiction.

At this part of the competition, the judges could award more points to the dogs that have the star quality. It was entirely the judges decision, whether or not, they felt that dogs should require the star appeal - only a maximum of nine points was allowed from each judge, per dog. Each dog performed another movement for the judges before the points were added up and calculated to declare the final places.

Mark Cocozza and assistant, Gavin Robertson, placed the boards out in the ring, from first place to fifth place, before Andrew Brace called out the winners. In first place and the winner of the Petplan junior stakes 2007, was Sh Ch Dillonpark Ambrogina JW, in second place was Sh Ch Gunalt Contradiction, third place, Ch Benatone Gold Ring, fourth place Ch Serenaker Devil in Disguise JW, and in fifth place, Ch Towmena In the Frame. A record-breaking event, with each final place, being awarded to champions.

Simon Wheeler took over from Andrew Brace with the ‘mike’ stepped in the centre of the ring, to thank those who made the competition possible. In his speech, Simon went on to thank, the key people:-

''Firstly, I would like to thank the team at Petplan, for all the hard work they have put in, getting today's event off the ground. My special thanks go to Jill Peak, who acts as a co-ordinator between the Petplan office and the hosting shows - I know all at Petplan appreciate Jill's specialist knowledge in this field, and unique style. To Mark Cocozza, now in his fifth year as our chief steward, who has done a sterling job, to Andrew Brace, who has not only assisted with the advertisements and the programme, but has acted as our able commentator, pulling the whole event together. Last of all, thanks to the judges. Could I ask Jack Bispham, Jeff Horswell and Ernie Patterson to accept gifts on behalf of Petplan, and as a reminder of what I trust has been a memorable day, for them too''

Photos and a lap of honour were called upon for all winners, before the show concluded.
The event was set in a beautiful setting, had a prestigious competition, with high-class dogs, that with hope will take some future credits within the show ring. You could not ask for a better setting, a better, well run event, or a better set of dogs, with some of the UK's, well known and respected judges thrown in also.

Thanks to Petplan and its organisers, and congratulations to this year's, winner - Gina - Sh Ch Dillonpark Ambrogina JW.

Photo Specials by William Moores

Photo Special 1

Photo Special 2

Photo Special 3

Photo Special 4

The judges’ reports

Many thanks to all concerned for an enjoyable time spent with Petplan at their Junior Stakes Grand Final. I know it has been said may times before but I am going to say it again, everything just ran like clockwork at these finals being held at the lovely Adington Hall in Cheshire.
The dogs that had qualified were from the top drawer, with many quality dogs not just making the final cut. I thought that the five dogs that made it just had that little bit more star quality needed, and I would be surprised if one or two do not make it to the top.

It was my pleasure to judge at this event and I enjoyed all of the time spent in the Cheshire countryside with the good company of the organisers and my co-judges.

Jack B Bispham

Yet again Petplan ran an excellent event, this year at Adlington Hall. The whole day ran so smoothly, in great measure to Mark Cocozza's efficient stewarding, Andrew Brace's direction on the ‘mike’, and all under the watchful eye of Jill Peak.

I am sure I speak for all of their guests on the day when I say a very big thank you to Petplan for staging this event and for their superb hospitality.

It was a great pleasure to judge this event, and to have as co-judges Jack Bispham & Ernie Paterson. The heat judges had sent us some super dogs, I understand a record number of Champions took part, and I feel sure many of those present will have their titles by this time next year. All of those present were so very well presented, a credit to their owners, and special thanks to the late replacements for making the effort to attend.

I think we were all very happy with the five dogs that ended up in placings, 5 stars, but one shone just that little bit more brightly, the winning Cocker, Sh Ch Dillonpark Ambrogina JW. She put in a sparking performance, is so good to go over and moved so very well. Only just short of her 2nd birthday that little bit of extra maturity gave her the edge, a most worthy of winners.
Runner up was the young Weimaraner, Sh Ch Gunalt Contradiction, just 14 months and looks raw, but just right for her age, she is just so good on the move.

Third the Maltese, he coped so well with the ground, just sailing over the ring with a topline that never faltered.

Fourth the Beagle, a lovely type, correct size and so well made.

Fifth the Chow, showing with all the independence of mind that the breed is famed for, lovely body and outline.

My thanks to the organisers for the chance to judge all of these beautiful dogs.

Jeff Horswell

I WAS delighted to be invited as one of the three judges at this year’s finals of the Petplan Junior Stakes and thank the officials for the invitation and the hospitality afforded to us during this assignment.

This year the event was held in the beautiful setting of Adlington Hall. From the outset it was clear that the competition was going to be a closely run thing as the standard of the dogs shown was the highest. I understand that eight of those qualified were already champions and several others were making their presence felt in their respective breeds.

After the initial examination and movement sections had been independently scored the final five were announced and the opportunity afforded to each of us to award up to a further three marks to each animal for star quality.

This completed, the winners were announced and finished as follows.

First, the Black Cocker bitch followed by the Weimaraner, Maltese, Beagle and Chow Chow. It was at this stage we were allowed to view the scoreboard and realised how close the scoring had been.

A most enjoybable and memorable experience.

Ernie Paterson