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4fleas Protector from Johnsons

Johnson’s announce the introduction of 4fleas Protector their latest weapon in the "war on fleas" and a major addition to their best selling 4fleas premium range of Veterinary Strength flea control for Cats & Dogs, now available exclusively through the Pet Trade, but until recently only on prescription.

4fleas Protector is an easy to use Spot-on treatment to kill and prevent the development of flea eggs and larvae, which stops fleas multiplying and eliminates any potential flea infestation.
4fleas Protector is administered directly to pet’s skin on the back of the neck, delivered in drops from easy-to-use vials. One vial disrupts the flea lifecycle for 3 months, so it only takes 4 treatments lasting a minute each, to give a pet year round protection from fleas.

Adult fleas however, will not be killed by 4fleas Protector and you might still see adult fleas on your pet. Then 4fleas Tablets should be used to kill them, starting within 15 minutes, when they begin to digest their first blood meal. Thereafter, fleas landing on a pet treated with 4fleas Protector will immediately come into contact with the solution and reproduction will be disrupted, preventing an infestation of fleas.

The performance of 4fleas Protector is unaffected by repeated water immersion, so dogs and cats are protected against fleas for the full 3 months. Adult fleas maybe picked up by pets but will be unable to lay fertile eggs, stopping the flea cycle.

The winning combination of 4fleas protector, used 4 times yearly plus 4fleas tablets when ever adult fleas are present, represents the ultimate all year round flea protection.
4fleas Protector for dogs and cats is available in 3 varieties:-

4fleas Protector for Cats & Kittens 1kg – 6 kg
4fleas Protector for Medium Dogs 6kg – 15kgs
4fleas Protector for Large Dogs 15kg – 30kgs
All at RRP £6.99 (inc. vat) Trade £23.78 (ex. vat) per pack of 6

The whole of Johnson’s 4fleas Premium Range of Veterinary Strength Flea Control products, are available to Pet Stores, Garden Centres etc. from Wholesalers or for further details and information contact:-

Johnson’s Veterinary Products Ltd., 5 Reddicap Trading Estate, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands. B75 7DF Telephone 0121-378 1684 Fax: 0121 311 1758 e-mail: website: