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Tune in to Catwalk Dogs

CATWALK DOGS, the eagerly awaited drama about dog showing, is set to hot our screen this Sunday on ITV1 at 9pm, where you will see OUR DOGS Media Director Kevin Horkin, getting his first taste of acting when he appears...playing himself.

Catwalk DogsThe plot for the 90 minute Drama Special written by Men Behaving Badly creator, Simon Nye, was inspired by Kevin when he invited several of the Executives from Shed Productions along to Crufts two years ago.

Kevin was asked to act as programme consultant as the TV film is based around the world of dog showing, and during this time Kevin was asked to play himself in the film as a ‘Dog Expert’
Shed Productions – makers of ‘Bad Girls’ and ‘Footballers Wives’ for ITV and ‘Waterloo Road’ or the BBC, are hoping the drama will prove successful and go on to a long running series.

Kevin told us: ‘It really is very much a love story, based around the world of dog showing, it has all the right ingredients to be a tremendous hit: glamour, intrigue and humour as well as dogs, I think the viewing public will love it’.