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Boy injured in attack by dog

THE LATEST young victim of a dog attack was a six-year-old boy, who suffered serious injuries when he was attacked in Birmingham on Sunday of this week.

Jamie Picken was bitten on his arms, face and legs and one of his arms was also broken. He is in a stable condition in hospital, according to a police statement. Paramedics were called to Heath Green Road in Winson Green just after 4.00pm on Sunday.

Two boys involved with the dog, aged 15 and 16 were arrested and released on bail. The dog, alleged to be a Pit Bull Terrier, was seized. Police could not confirm whether or not the dog had been put down.

Jamie underwent surgery for his injuries at Birmingham's City Hospital.

The attack happened as Jamie was playing in a side road with his friends. It is understood the dog, which was from a house nearby, was dragged away from him after a bucket of water was thrown over it.

It was alleged that the dog had been reported to the RSPCA a month earlier after it was seen fighting with another dog in the street. The RSPCA declined to comment on the incident as it was a police matter.