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Catwalk Dogs: What our readers said...

‘Well it was a nice play but boy were there some big mistakes! It’s a shame they script editor didn't get an expert to check their facts. I cringed every time a dog went into the ring and an announcer gave out is ring number pedigree name and the name of the owner! Kris was cute though...’

‘I am very glad that it was a comedy as that is what it was. I wonder if that is Terry Monro's new judging style. It was funny and at least dog shows got some sort of recognition. I just don't think that you could possibly take it seriously and it did make me laugh.’

‘Have to say I really enjoyed it. I know there were loads of mistakes, but I think that made it funnier for me.....(I quite like screaming at the TV ). It was easy watching, with a decent storyline and very amusing in parts!! I though Kris and the lady who played his partner were good. So on the whole, I thought it was fun, and a nice way to spend a Sunday evening!’

‘I really enjoyed it. I had been looking forward to it for about a month so when it was on I got my ice cream and watched it. It was so like me and my ex; the bit where she turned round and hit him for standing on her dog!’

‘I was disappointed with how bad the details were. They could have had a decent consultant who would very quickly have corrected so many mistakes. As for the extra's who were 'showing', oh my word, they could have got a better result there if they'd asked the folks who walked their pets in our local park. Nice plug for Bannerdown on the benching.’