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Coastguards in dog rescue

ABERDEEN COASTGUARDS saved a dog that fell from a 30-foot cliff but miraculously survived. The station received a 999 call from a woman walking on the cliff path who spotted a Collie at the base of the cliffs.

The Coastguard rescue team were scrambled to rescue the dog called Cassie who had disappeared over the edge of the cliff earlier in the day last Wednesday.

Cassie is owned by holidaymakers from the Shetland Isles who were contacted and fortunately were still on holiday in Aberdeen

Aberdeen Coastguard called out the Coastguard rescue team who were able to safely recover Cassie, a border collie and reunite the extremely lucky dog with its grateful owners.

Bill Smith, from Aberdeen Coastguard said: ‘A happy ending to this incident, but we would remind owners to keep their dogs on leads when walking on cliff paths. We would also recommend that owners do not put themselves at risk attempting to rescue their pets but dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.’