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First civil DDA case goes through court in Bolton

A PIT bull type dog named Fifi took a dubious place in the history of the Dangerous Dogs Act by being the subject of the first case to go before magistrates in Bolton, Lancs, under the civil proceedings section - 4b - of the DDA.

Fifi, owned by Scott Byrne had been seized after someone had unbolted the rear gate of her owner’s house and let her out, she was picked up within minutes by local authority dog wardens who refused to give her back to Scott as she was thought by them to be of the ‘pit bull type’.
The court heard that Fifi was a gentle, playful dog who had no temperament issues and who had been brought before the court because of the way that she looked, nor because of any temperament issues.

Local authority dog warden Cuthbert Jackson was called as witness for the prosecution. Mr Jackson stated that providing that the restrictions as set under Section 1 of the DDA were complied with, i.e. that Fifi was muzzled and leashed in public, as well as being neutered, tattooed and microchipped, there was absolutely no objections from the Local Authority to Fifi being added to the register.

The case was heard by three magistrates who, after due deliberation, declared that Fifi could be returned to Mr Byrne and his family, who were all delighted at the verdict.

Scott Byrne later thanked his solicitor Miss Lara Smith for her assistance and paid tribute to Mel Rushmore of ant-DDA group Fireside Rescue fore helping him through this difficult time and arranging Miss Smith as his solicitor. Mr Byrne commented: ‘I wish to thank Lara and everyone who has helped guide me through the last few months which has today resulted in my little girl being allowed to come home I am ecstatic with the result and can’t wait to see her.’