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Registration figures: slow down hits third quarter

Publication of the third quarter registration figures this month showed the Kennel Club is experiencing a slow down of income from registrations. The figures, which will be subject to seasonal adjustments, show a year on year decrease up to the end of September 2007 of 10.4%
The third quarter has shown a slow down in past growth with all groups except Toys showing a decline.

Decreases of -5.3% and -14.8% have been recorded in the hound and pastoral groups respectively with drops in the terrier and gundog groups of -17.3% and -10.2%. Utility group figures are the same but the Working group shows a huge drop of -28.3% on the same quarter as last year.

The Kennel Club has indicated that the percentage increases are somewhat inflated by phasing issues and therefore the year end figures are not expected to show as great a percentage increase overall. The year end figures are expected to be available in early 2008.

A Kennel Club spokesman said, ‘Whilst the registration figures for the third quarter of the year are lower than for the same period last year, the overall picture remains stable. This is in line with the budget prediction that there would be no significant growth in 2007.’