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Dog shot during robbery

A DOG was shot dead and a couple tied up during a robbery at a house in Greater Manchester.

Masked men were confronted by the owners' dog when they entered the house on Woodlands Farm in Astley Moss. The intruders then shot the dog in the head, killing it instantly.

After the owners were tied up, the robbers searched the house for money. During the search one of the robbers hit the man with a pickaxe handle. The ‘terrifying ordeal’ happened at around 9.30pm on Thursday, November 18th, according to Greater Manchester Police.

Detective Inspector Steve Crimmins said: ‘Not only have the house owners been in fear of their own lives, they have also lost their pet dog as a result of the actions of these individuals.

‘This was a terrifying ordeal for this couple who were attacked and robbed in their own home. The people who did this are obviously extremely dangerous and we would appeal to anyone who has any further information about the people responsible to contact us.’

The couple were not seriously injured in the robbery.