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Dog dies in firework tragedy

A SHEEPDOG trainer is calling for a ban on sales of fireworks to private individuals after his dog was run over after being frightened by a rocket.

Nij Vyas from Leicester said his dog Skerry died after jumping a fence and being hit by a car.

He is taking his remaining dogs away during Diwali and Bonfire Night celebrations this year.
Skerry was one of Britain's top sheepdogs and represented England at the Scottish Sheepdog Trials in 2006.

‘I was away from the house and - as all my dogs do - she was running free in the garden which is very safe and secure,’ said Mr Vyas. ‘She was scared by a firework and scaled a very high fence and was described by people who saw her as 'running for her life' and she was finally run over by a car.’

Mr Vyas added: ‘I am taking the coward's way out and am going away and will be camped out on a very remote farm in Wales so I don't have to subject them to fireworks.’

He said he did not want to have to tie up or cage his dogs to ensure their safety.

The RSPCA said last year vets treated nearly 4,000 animals for distress caused by fireworks.

The society said dogs are particularly sensitive to loud noises, but added all pets should be kept indoors after dark and during firework displays.