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Postal dispute

Please note that due to circumstances beyond our control there could be delays in the delivery of subscription copies, mail order items etc over the coming weeks.

In order to limit any disruptions, we would like to reassure all our readers that the OUR DOGS team will do everything possible to ensure the paper and mail order items reach you as early as the situation allows.

To ensure your advertisements appear in the paper and online please remember to contact us early - we have included fax numbers and email addresses for the relevant departments below.

It is very important to note that we now have a number of methods whereby you can either read the paper or place advertisements and make mail order purchases via our fax lines and internet access.

Read the paper
For some time now the entire paper has been available on line in both a PDF and searchable format.

If you haven't seen this facility before, you will be delighted with the depth of information available to you at the touch of a button.

Remember you can select a seven day free trial, so this is a good time to have a look...existing subscribers can add the facility for a very low rate. Most people now enjoy the paper in print..and online for very little extra.

Send information
Below is a list of the key contacts for all departments.

EDITORIAL: Alison Smith Fax: 0870 731 6501

Fax: 0870 731 6699

Anne Lawrence

Breed Notes
: Kerry Rushby

Scott Zverblis

Maureen Lacey

Fax: 0870 731 6504

SUBSCRIPTIONS: Dan Cavill Fax: 0870 731 6504

MAIL ORDER: Fiona Simpson Fax: 0870 731 6504

The OUR DOGS team will also be at Midland Counties to assist with all aspects of the paper and would suggest that if any one wishes to have something brought to the show, email us in advance.

Thank you for your cooperation... keep checking on line for any developments, sign up for our newsletter and also look out for the paper in many branches of WH SMITH and other leading newsagents that have OUR DOGS on open sale.