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ASA rules on dog chew advert

THE ADVERTISING Standards Authority, (ASA) has ruled on a complaint challenging claims by pet food producer Pedigree, (part of Mars UK) that its dog dental chews Daily DentaStix 'kept dogs teeth clean and reduced tartar'.

A magazine advertorial, for Pedigree Daily DentaStix, claimed:

‘... Loyal and loving, your dog ought to receive the best care. And that includes looking after their oral hygiene, which is an important factor in keeping your dog healthy ... keeping your dogs teeth clean [can] prevent tooth decay and help avoid expensive dental bills ... Brushing your dogs teeth every day or giving them dental chews such as Pedigree Daily DentaStix will help ... Pedigree Daily DentaStix are scientifically proven to reduce tartar by up to 80 per cent when used daily. Thanks to their unique shape and texture, DentaStix keep teeth healthy and taste great ...’

No breach

After investigating the advertorial under its regulations covering substantiation and truthfulness, the Authority accepted that scientific evidence provided by Pedigree did indeed demonstrate that, in trials of a product of sufficient similarity to DentaStix, all the dogs in the sample showed a reduction in tartar and some dogs had shown a reduction of 80% compared with the control diet.
In conclusion the ASA did not find Pedigree in breach of advertising rules.

Competing advertisers regularly complain about each other’s advertising, checking through copy with great intensity. Sometimes a ‘hawk’ becomes a little to keen and their complaint is ultimately found to be unsubstantiated. The end result is more positive press coverage of the offending product, as has happened in the case of Pedigree’s DentaStix. This, of course, is the opposite of the opponent’s desired effect.

With thanks to UK Pets