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Police ‘forgot’ about dog in their care

A BORDER Collie was lucky to escape an horrific, slow death following an administrative blunder by Police which left the dog slowly starving to death.

The dog, named Red, was left without food and water for six days. When an officer eventually remembered the dog, he was said to be near starvation and gasping for breath. Luckily he received veterinary attention and was given food and water, after which he recovered.
The dog was found as a stray in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk and was handed into the Police by a member of the public.

Bury St Edmunds Police have admitted that staff forgot to write down that Red was in the police station kennels in their log book and he was then simply forgotten.

Force spokeswoman Lisa Crane said: ‘Officers were distressed by what happened. It was a human error. We now have a specific member of staff responsible for checking the kennels daily.’
The dog is now fit and well and looked after in rescue kennels in nearby Buxhall.

This incident is not the first of its kind. In January this year a stray Greyhound starved to death over 12 days whilst in the care of Lothian and Borders Police.

They held an enquiry to find out who was at fault, but no officers were disciplined and the Scottish SPCA were unable to bring cruelty or neglect charges against any individual.