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Royal Manx defies restrictions!

The Royal Manx Agricultural Show on Friday 10th August 2007 due to be held at Sulby in the north of the island, was cancelled due to the foot and mouth outbreak in the UK, but that was not going to put off the determination of the stalwarts in the dog showing community on our island to find an alternative venue for the Open Dog show which has always been part of the main agricultural show.

Traditionally this is the highlight of the year in the dog showing world on the Isle of Man. Ronaldsway Aircraft Company kindly gave permission for both the Open Dog, Obedience and Agility shows to be held at their social club near the airport. Everyone rallied round, bringing their own refreshments and a few bottles of wine to share among the gathering. The Manx saying "Tra ta'n derrey voght cooney lesh voght elley ía Jee hene garaghtee" (When one poor man helps the other poor man, God himself smiles) was never truer as the sun shone and everyone pulled together to ensure the show went ahead smoothly. In particular "Gura mie eu" (thanks) to Elaine Hadwin, the dog show supervisor and her very hard working team who spent several days organising and masterminding the change of venue and without which the show would not have gone ahead.

The judge was David Robbins (Chenting) a well known all rounder and a longstanding Chow breeder of 42 years. There was an entry of 187 dogs, made up of 45 breeds. The island is well know for its dog breeders and exhibitors many of whom are consistent BOB and Group winners at Ch shows in UK and Europe. The quality and variety of show dogs on the island is generally recognised as being very high.

BIS winner was Denise Simpson's top winning PMD Ch Gillandant Classique Crystal, she was Crufts BOS winner in 2006. Res BIS and also Best Veteran was Beryl Kermode's 10 year old GSD Makandra Rising Star of Cregvannin. Gp 3 BIS Kerruish's Pharaoh Hound Omorose Bahira Sun Over Abusir this young bitch has won three BP in breed at UK Ch shows in 2007, Gp 4 BIS Barbara Waggett's Afghan Hound Saxonmill Jellorium.

There were 20 puppies. From the Minor Puppy class Stuart Earle & Miss E Kelly's Dollagh I Want It Now, a seven month old home bred Kerry Blue bitch came BPIS, it was her first show. Res BPIS went to Tanya Mackrell's 10 month old AST, Clynymona Aina who was bred on the Isle of Man, and has previously won BPIS at Irish Toy Dog Ch show, and Puppy Gp 2 at IKC Ch show in June.

Virginia Dowty