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New Dog Food Wins Applaws!

Following hard on the heels of one of the top selling products of the year, MPM products, suppliers of APPLAWS cat food, have come up with another winner in the canine form of this highly palatable and natural food.

Existing suppliers and users will already be away of the raging success of Applaws cat food which has taken the cat food market by storm! MPM Products are absolutely convinced that the winning formula they established with the cat brand will also be an instant success for its canine counterpart.

You only have to open a tin of Applaws to see the natural goodness of tuna, chicken, ham, beef liver and vegetables. You have to look further ..much further to find cereals or animal by products...because there are none!

This premium dog food is unlike anything else on the market and is 100% natural, containing nothing more than the ingredients listed....tasty contents such as chicken fed on hormone free organic food.

Dog owners will love this food...their dogs will love it even more. It comes in a handy size, easy to store, with an easy to peel off lid.

Aimed at both small fussy feeders and as a mixer with dried food it is on sale at the affordable price of 99p per 156gm tin.

Food sampling has proved to be excellent with a very high acceptance rate from difficult to feed dogs… now is the time for you to try it with your own dogs.

MPM Products have a web site with more information online, and you can also contact their hotline telephone number and email address for any queries or direct orders.

You can get new APPLAWS at all good pet shops and your usual wholesalers or go direct....see below. You can also grab a free sample to try this exciting new product…see our advert in this weeks OUR DOGS.

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