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Britain's dogs work 'ca-nine to five' for charity

Take your dog to work dayYou wouldn't normally expect to find a Jack Russell at your local Council, or a golden retriever at your post office, but on Friday 14th September more than a thousand dogs will be taking part in The Blue Cross's annual fundraising event - Take Your Dog To Work Day to raise money for the charity's work caring for sick and homeless animals.

Now in its 12th year, Take Your Dog To Work Day is an annual event, sponsored by Hill's Pet Nutrition, which encourages animal lovers around the country to take their own dogs into work for the day.

This year, participants will be taking their dog to work up and down the country, stretching from Scotland to Dorset, right across to Norfolk and Leeds in a range of work places, including offices, schools, shops, care homes and councils.

Caroline Reay, chief veterinary surgeon at The Blue Cross animal hospital in Merton commented: "Having a dog in the office can often be a great ice breaker, which helps to boost the team spirit at work. It might not be practical for you to always take your dog to work with you, but this event enables you to give your dog a new experience and different mental stimulus for the day. Having your dog with you at work also encourages you to take a break to walk with your pet, which means that you both get to exercise and relax at the same time.

The Blue Cross hopes that by taking their dog to work for the day, dog owners will consider new ways to bond with their pet and take part in the charity's efforts to raise vital funds for the animals in its care.

Visitors to the website will also find information on health and safety advice on taking dogs into the work place and tips on how to make the day enjoyable for dogs and colleagues alike.

To register to take part visit