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Petition against restrictions is launched

A PETITION to remove a discriminatory section of Nottingham City Council's tenancy agreement, restricting pet ownership to just one animal per household, was launched last week on The Petition Site.

Council housing officer Hugh Driskell put forward an amendment to Section 3 of that city's tenancy agreement which warns tenants that they can keep only one cat or one dog (or two with written permission) and that pet-owning tenants must have direct access to a private garden.

The petition asks: ‘The current wording of section 3.14 states that you can only keep one cat OR one dog (two with written permission) and that you must have direct access to a private garden.
The purpose of this petition is to demonstrate to the Council the strength of public feeling in relation to this particular element of the proposed tenancy agreement.

We the undersigned feel section 3.14 is discriminatory. Why should neighbours that own their houses be able to keep more cats and dogs than council tenants? We demand that tenants be treated as equals to homeowners and not as second class citizens.

The financial implications to the pet industry will be far reaching. For example; Manufacturers, vets, groomers, trainers etc will lose trade. Pet shops, supermarkets and market stalls will lose trade. This will affect local employment.

The benefits of keeping these types of pets are well documented. They help with reduction of blood pressure, comfort, companionship and overall well being.

Therefore we call for section 3.14 to be removed and consultation with local groups, the Kennel Club and other interested parties be sought.’

The petition was launched on 1st September by dog owner Michelle Morgan. As of Tuesday this week, it had so far achieved 190 signatures. With a target of 1,000 signatures it has some way to go.

Michelle Morgan told OUR DOGS: ‘Tenancy restrictions such as this have a detrimental financial effect upon local pet shops, vets and other local pet services so it is in their interests to sign up and voice their opinions. It is also in the interests of the UK pet industry nationally to support lobbies such as this.’

To sign the petition go to:

(With thanks to UK Pets)