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UK pets rule the roost!

NEARLY THREE million Britons in relationships share their bed with the pet cat or dog and 1.1 million pet owners go to the trouble of preparing fresh meals for their pets because they believe these to be better than the tinned variety - all according to research published this week by Halifax Pet Insurance.

Additionally, over 650,000 Brits admit to cooking for their pet more often than they do for the family or partner. Pets, says Halifax, are the real rulers of the household. Over a quarter of all dogs and cats have a dedicated seat of their own on the family sofa.

Ten percent of pet owners allow their animals to dictate their sleeping patterns. These 2.1 million owners schedule the time they go to bed and rise each morning around the sleeping patterns of their pet. If the pet is up, it seems so too are the owners.

Over 2.4 million pet owners always book holidays that are pet friendly. Over 600,000 pet owners suffer from what Halifax Pet Insurance has termed 'Pet Separation Syndrome,' where people become so attached to their animals that they will even call home to speak to their pets when they travel abroad on holiday.

The 62% of cat and dog owners who do feel they are able to leave their pet at home will ask family members or friends to look after them. This is because they would not be happy with going on holiday and leaving the pet in a strange unfamiliar place, being looked after by strangers.