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Late move for British Sieger

The third British Sieger, organised by the GSD Breed Council and the WUSV Working Group, has been forced to change its venue due, we understand, to objections from the Gaelic Athletic Association.

The event will now take place at the Old Saltlians Rugby Club, Watton Lane, Water Orton, Birmingham B46 1PH. The date of 15th September remains the same. The event is held by permission of the Kennel Club but not under their show rules and regulations

This year it is to be judged by two top judges from Germany: Herr Helmut Buss, who will officiate over the classes for Males and Herr Rudiger Mai who will judge the Females. Both judges have judged in this country previously. Both are Breed Wardens and successful breeders in their own right under the kennel names of Vom Larchenhaim and Bierstadter Hof respectively.