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Dogs sniff out trouble in schools

A FIRM employing dog detectives is being recruited in the fight against drugs in high schools across the country.

Premier K-9 Detection Services, based in Bury, Greater Manchester, has already been into one school with a sniffer dog and uncovered a pupil who had been using drugs.

The company was founded in January primarily to counter drugs problems in schools, but also searches hostels and drug rehabilitation centres.

Last September, a Channel 4 investigation revealed pupils as young as 10 were dealing drugs.
John Sheridan, one of three partners in the company, said he could not name the Bury school involved due to confidentiality agreements, but that they have been invited to go back on a term-by-term contract.

Mr Sheridan said headteachers had been impressed during demonstrations of the dog's ability.
‘Headteachers can hide a swab of marijuana or heroin trace anywhere on the premises they like and our dog will find it very quickly’.

Sniffer dog Bobby can search a classroom in five minutes and a whole school can be checked in two hours.