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Exhibitor stabbed at work

Well known exhibitor Ross Gilbert (Firos) showed at Richmond last weekend wearing bandages and strapping for a broken arm as the result of an attack at work.

Ross GilbertRoss was working in the laboratories of Southern General Hospital at around 3am when he heard noises and on investigation found that two men were trying to steal the hospital computers. He rushed in to stop them and managed to wrestle one to the ground but the other hit him with a heavy object and then stabbed him three times before escaping.

After treatment for the stab wounds and a broken arm he was allowed home. Undaunted Ross, who is currently campaigning Clarence (clanheir the Invincible owned by the Taylors), made his way to Richmond where he won BOB again and appeared bandage wrapped in the group where he made the short list.

Never let it be said that exhibitors are not made of stern stuff!