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A bit of sauce for Goldies

Southern Golden Retriever Society committee member, Denise Avery, put forward an idea to the committee early in 2007 as to how the Society could raise even more money for its Linear Accelerator Fund which had already received support from its Display Team and from individual members.

She said "It’s quite simple. We ask 12 male championship show judges to pose for a calendar. All they need to do is to pose Half Monty." And so it came to pass that, on the evening of gundog day at Windsor Championship Show, nine of the judges who had nervously accepted Denise’s invitation, gathered in the garden of her home to be photographed, with dogs, by Lynn Kipps, photographer, golden retriever owner and championship show judge who had most generously offered her services free of charge.

The Linear Accelerator Fund had been set up by the Society 18 months ago to make a contribution towards the urgently needed replacement of the ageing linear accelerator, which delivers radiotherapy treatment, at the University of Cambridge Veterinary School (Camvet). The School’s Charitable Trust has launched its Hope Appeal to raise £2m for the redevelopment.

This high quality, beautifully produced calendar, which also includes all next years Golden Retriever show dates and judges, will become a collectors item in years to come and will make the perfect Christmas present. It is available from Denise and costs just £10 plus p&p. Please contact for an order form or telephone 01737-557355/Mobile:07979-504381.