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Girl gets to cuddle a Husky thanks to CPI!

Thirteen year old Jodie Fleming from Colchester this week had her dream come true thanks to Canine Partners and Sporting Chance. She met and cuddled a range of her favourite dog, the Husky, at the Canine Partners Training Centre in West Sussex.

Jodie with husky YienaJodie is a member of the Colchester Phoenix Amateur Swimming Club, where she put her name forward to the charity Sporting Choice, to have her dream come true. A pet owner with two rats, one hamster, three cats, a lizard and two guinea pigs, Jodie is a big fan of assistance dogs. In the last 18 months she has developed a fascination for Huskies, hence the ambition to cuddle one.

Jodie's mother Lorraine commented, "Over the past year, Jodie has spent a lot of time looking at the Husky rescue site. Her long term goal is to own one, so getting the chance to cuddle one is amazing."

When asked why Huskies, Jodie remarked "Because they are lovely and cute!"

Anne Wadsworth from the charity Sporting Chance contacted Canine Partners after hearing about Jodie's dream. Fortunately Canine Partners CEO Terry Knott has a close friend called Caroline Kisko who owns more than 20 Huskies and was more than happy to oblige.

The cuddle session took place in between Puppy Training classes at Canine Partners, where puppies are learning the skills required to become fully fledged assistance dogs.