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Petplan charitable trust helps dogs trust find hundreds of homes
for stray and abandoned dogs

With over 101,000 stray and abandoned dogs collected by local authorities last year alone, Dogs Trust Rehoming Centres play a vital role in this fight and in the last year alone have helped care for over 15,000 dogs. Petplan Charitable Trust has helped further the campaign and increased awareness of the charity by donating a staggering £90,000 five years ago to purchase the ‘Dogmobile’, which has resulted in hundreds of dogs finding new and loving homes.

One aim of the Dogmobile is to educate the public about the process that is involved in re-homing and also the close proximity of the local Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre. Often people visiting the Dogmobile have a different idea as to which canine would be best suited for them, so education about the requirements of the dog that would best suit their needs and lifestyles are discussed. The Dogmobile has proven extremely successful with the centres reporting increased footfall as a result of their visit.

Utilising the eye catching bright yellow charity logo, potential visitors are drawn from afar. Housing between 4-6 dogs, selected from the local Rehoming Centre, the Dogmobile visits over 40 venues throughout the year, including at least three visits to each of the 17 centres. The sites range from supermarket car parks to county shows.

One of the largest Dogs Trust sites is based in Harefield, West London, and is set in 16 acres of farmland. The extensive grounds allow for the dogs; of which there can be between up to 140, to be exercised daily. There are also puppy areas, and a socialising zone in which people can spend one on one time with the dogs, both of these are enclosed areas; the safety of the animals is always ensured.

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