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OD Scrapbook

After 85 years at Oxford Road Station Approach, OUR DOGS recently moved to better premises. As is often the case, we found things in the cellar and in old cupboards that we thought we had lost years ago. (so that's where Jenkins of Accounts was!)

Vince HoganIn amongst the crusty old back issues and bound volumes, we found a number of photos which we are now going to reproduce on weekly basis and hope that these will remind you of great characters and dogs of the past, as well as providing a little humour and in some cases great embarrassment especially with the haircuts.

To launch the series we have two such photos. The first shows our esteemed MD looking like the bloke from the 118 adverts on TV, together with a very well known and successful Pomeranian breeder from Wales....Ann Winter of the Rosskear Poms...not Dusty Springfield as someone in our office thought!

Martin FreemanWith Driffield in mind, we thought you might like to see the incumbent Secretary Martin Freeman (left) together with a then committee member of Driffield Gerald Mitchell, sporting the kind of outfit, popular at the time on the Wheel Tappers and Shunters club.

Vince Hogan