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Kennel Club seminar is a great success

THE KENNEL Club’s KC Dog ‘How to Lobby’ seminar took place recently at its head offices in London. The event turned out to be a great success, and welcomed a mix of KC Dog members and the local public, who all turned out to show their support for the initiative.

Kennel Club SeminarKC Dog was set up in April 2006 and since then the Kennel Club’s Public Affairs team has been busy lobbying councils introducing dog control orders, to ensure that they are reasonable and proportionate. KC Dog endeavours to raise awareness of these control orders among the general public. The aim of the seminar was to educate KC Dog members and other dog owners about how these control orders are coming into force, and to help explain just how involved they can actually become in their development.

KC Dog organisers Holly Lee and Laura Vallance started the day with a presentation which informed participants about the important role the public play in influencing local government, and provided advice on how best to do this.

Camden Senior Policy Officer, Richard Bradbury, and Camden Councillor, Mike Greene, addressed the attendees, helping explain how best to lobby local councillors, and how the development of orders occurs. Camden resident Gail Levy also gave a first-hand account of her successful quest to amend Camden’s control orders, with the help of KC Dog.

Holly Lee, Public Affairs Manager, said, ‘We are pleased that so many KC Dog members and dog owners came to support the seminar. It really highlights just how strong the ‘pro dog lobby’ could be. So many people are affected by unfair dog control orders and we hope the seminar taught people about how they can make a difference.’

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