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Obedience ‘Excellent’ for Stafford

There has been a lot of bad publicity wrongly aimed at Staffordshire Bull Terriers lately. One Stafford who is definitely proving what an intelligent and trainable breed they are, is Marney Well’s three and a half year old Busby (Beraka Hurricane of Copyhold Nov Ex. CDex UDex).
At the N.A.A.B.T.S. Championship Obedience Show on 14 September, in a line up that was otherwise made up of Border Collies and Working Sheepdogs, he won a fourth prize in the Novice class. This means he has now gained enough points in obedience competitions to make him a Novice Excellent. He is the first Stafford to gain an Obedience Excellent Qualification since the Kennel Club introduced the scheme in January 2006.

BusbyBusby is now allowed to add the letters Nov. Ex. to his CDex and UDex gained in Working Trials before we started competing in Obedience. He still enjoys his Trials, and will again be at Crufts for the whole four days as part of the team demonstrating Working Trials on the Dog Days Out stand.

Last year he was a great success, not only demonstrating trials training but he also joined in the obedience demonstrations and proved extremely popular with the crowds of people who wanted to meet him. Any dog certainly needs a very reliable temperament to cope with all of that. However, Busby will not be resting on his laurels for long, as although he has been placed consistently (seventeen times!) in Novice we have not quite managed to win those elusive red rosettes.

A Stafford may not be the obvious breed for the competitions that Busby enjoys, but he certainly proves that Staffords are not only capable of being trained but also being very successful.