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Great Greyhound Gathering - life in the slow lane

The largest ever gathering of ex-racing greyhounds (up to 500 retired greyhounds)– ‘The Great Greyhound Gathering’ – took place this Saturday, 22 September, at Nottingham Racecourse. Organised by the Retired Greyhound Trust (RGT), the UK charity dedicated to finding homes for former racing greyhounds, the day was a celebration of greyhounds and the large network of dedicated volunteers and owners all over the country working hard to care for them after their racing days are over.

Retired Greyhound‘Greyhounds make great pets’ was the clear message as greyhounds and their owners took part in dog shows, enjoyed a pampered pooch corner and a fundraising walk. ‘The Great Greyhound Gathering’ was testament to the fact that the greyhound is a beautiful and intelligent breed, with a gentle and affectionate temperament.

As the steady procession around the racecourse showed, for the retired greyhound it’s all about a gentle stroll rather than an athletic sprint.

For more information about the Retired Greyhound Trust and adopting a greyhound as a pet, log onto or call 0870-840 7502.