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Great Joint announces changes

The Great Joint Dachshund Association an AGM Annual General Meeting on March 19th 2008 with representatives present from its four member Clubs: The Miniature Dachshund Club, The Wirehaired Dachshund Club, The Longhaired Dachshund Club and The Southern Dachshund Association .

The Officers and Committee agreed to issue a press release so that all Dachshund exhibitors and other Dachshund Clubs could be made aware of some significant policy decisions made at the AGM and Committee Meeting.

It was been decided that in future the GJDA will become a non-profit making organisation though it will continue to be underwritten financially by the four member clubs.

In 2007 the GJDA show distributed surplus funds from previous years to exhibitors in the form of increased prize money (£5, £4, £3, £2, £1) for every class. In light of the 2007 show’s success, the Committee has decided to reduce entry fees from £11 to £9 in 2008 and to maintain prize money at the 2007 levels. This decision is in line with previous practice where surplus funds have been returned to exhibitors through reduced entry fees, specials and low priced or even free catalogues, and this policy of trying to ensure the best possible value for exhibitors will be maintained from now on.

As breed health and welfare becomes more of an issue every year, it has been decided that any excess profits made will be donated to canine research and welfare, as agreed by the member clubs at each AGM.

To be asked to judge at the GJDA is, and always will be, a great honour. There has been some criticism voiced that the four member clubs favour their own committee members when selecting GJDA judges. The facts are that for the last 11 years of GJDA shows, 22 out of the 73 CC appointments (30%) have been people who were on one of the member clubs’ committees. The four member clubs have agreed that in future GJDA appointments would not be made to judges on any member clubs’ committees at the time of the invitation.

The GJDA’s individual member Clubs have been among the most proactive of all the UK Dachshund Clubs in running educational events for exhibitors and aspiring judges. It has been agreed by the Committee that the GJDA will hold a Breed Educational Seminar this year on Saturday 1st November at Roade, Northants with Jeff Crawford as the main speaker. A sub-committee has been formed to plan and oversee this event and more details will be published in the dog press in due course.

The Committee wishes to maintain the GJDA Show as an excellent value and prestigious event where CCs are on offer to all six varieties of Dachshund. We look forward to welcoming exhibitors to our 2008 Show.

Any questions about the GJDA should be addressed to the Secretary, Miss Elizabeth Harrap on 01491 680515 or e-mail