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Marc Abraham, the Paul O’Grady Show

photo Steve Dyson
*Marc Abraham, the Paul O’Grady Show’s veterinary expert has set up a new website aimed at involving the nation’s pet owners to revolutionise the pet industry.

Launching this autumn, the website aims to be the most trusted and up-to-date source of pet information available.

Celebrity dog behaviourist Victoria Stilwell (It’s Me or the Dog) has given the website her seal of approval and joined Marc as he started his search for the ‘best your pet can get’ at this year’s world-famous Crufts Dog Show in Birmingham. Our photo shows Marc and Victoria, ‘on the look out at Crufts’ last month.

Watch out for more news and photos of Marc, from the Petplan awards night in next weeks OUR DOGS and also watch for links to the OUR DOGS web site as we work together with Marc to create more awareness for pets in the UK.

For more information right now, follow the link