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“Lost in Space”

Recent information released from leading animal charity the RSPCA and the Alliance of Independent Greyhound Charities has revealed a scandal of ‘epic proportions’.
Over 7,000 Greyhounds are ‘lost in the ether’ every year. In animal welfare terms, this is a shocking discovery.

Reports of these beautiful, hard-working dogs being dispensed with in a horrific manner come from all over the country. Some are killed or simply abandoned by their owners; the luckier ones are left for rescue charities to take care of. Due to vast-over breeding, only half of the dogs bred are given the chance to race.

The Retired Greyhound Trust is a constantly struggling charity that runs 63 kennels. They use staff mainly composed of volunteers and commendably managed to re-home 4,470 dogs in the last year alone. Yet still, this is only a fraction of the dogs allegedly bred, retired and discarded by the magnificently lucrative racing industry, jointly run by the British Greyhound Racing Board (BGRB) and the National Greyhound Racing Club (NGRC).

The popular assumption is that these dogs are living the high life.

Sadly the truth is less glamorous. Some intelligence even suggests that these dogs are confined in twos to small kennels for long periods of time, and sometimes transported in crates around the country for up to 24 hours a day.

After the discovery of the Seaham Killing fields, two inquiries were set up, one by the Government (APGAW).

The other was the Donahue Report, by the racing industry itself. There is also a new DEFRA Greyhound Bill in the works, all with the collective intention of ensuring that these magnificent dogs don’t end up lost in the void.