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Behind the lens...Marc Andrews

Marc AndrewsMarc Andrews is the Our Dogs official photographer based in Wales in a small mining village called Abertridwr, just outside of Cardiff. With his wife Stephanie, their six-year old daughter Caitlin, and their ever growing clan of Boxers, together they make up the Boxsta affix.

He has had a keen interest in photography for very many years, from his younger days when he was allowed to use his father’s old film camera to more recent years where his interest has developed to a professional level. passionate about his work he set up ‘Marc Photography’ ( in 2006.

Stephanie Andrews and BoxerThe photo here is one of his favourites, not because it is technically perfect but because it incorporates three things about which he also feels passionate. First and foremost, his wife Stephanie, they are both desperately committed to their breed. Secondly, a very promising young pup that nature didn’t intend to be a show dog, he’s happily settled in a pet home now and they all miss him a great deal. Last but not least, it’s a picture that tells a story as it’s the last photo taken of him before he left them. Marc says he thinks Steph’s expression says it all!

Marc Andrews will be representing OUR DOGS at the Hound Association of Scotland championship show in Kelso next week.