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Dog’s body found in plastic bag

A DEAD dog found thrown down a cliff was probably put in a bag and dumped after it died, the RSPCA has said.

Two teenage boys climbed down cliffs in Minster on the Isle of Sheppey, Kent and found the body on Good Friday.

The animal welfare charity said it wanted to trace the owners of the black and white female Jack Russell terrier.

In an appeal made last week, RSPCA Inspector Teresa Potter said: ‘To allow a dog to simply suffer and die is an offence and we do not hesitate to prosecute.’ She said the dog, which was found in a plastic bag, was found to have a large tumour, and a skin condition resulting in hair loss, and overgrown nails.

‘This poor dog was in a suffering condition and it looks as though it died and the owners simply put her in a plastic bag and dumped her down the cliffs,’ she added. ‘We would like to hear from anyone who knows who this dog belonged to. If a dog becomes sick then owners should take it to a vet and get treatment.’