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All change at Belfast?

BELFAST SHOW Committee has this week refuted claims that further resignations are on the cards, following apparent unrest in the last couple of weeks.

Secretary Jackie Stubbs, who was replaced by Alexa Brown in the committee’s reshuffle a fortnight ago, had decided not to stand for re-election. Owing to several resignations last year, there were a total of 13 positions to fill on the new committee, however it appears that there were only five accepted nominations, others who had been proposed declined, which included four previous members.

It has been that suggested that one of the reasons for this lack of support was the suggestion at the meeting that those involved in the running of the show should not be allowed to exhibit. This is always a controversial question and one that many societies have grappled with this problem over the years

A suggestion was also made at the meeting to reduce the number of committee members. As the rules currently require an unwieldy 21 members it was agreed that that a Special General Meeting would be called to make the change. This is urgent as a quorum for Belfast is 10. OUR DOGS has also learned that two further resignations can be expected and that Hills, which has sponsored the show for the last three years, were considering their position. However, talking to Our Dogs, Chairman of the committee Hugh McGucken, was direct and to the point. ‘Nonsense’ was his response.

The new secretary of Belfast, as already reported in Our Dogs in an exclusive report on 4th April, is Alexa Brown and a full list of the committee and their responsibilities was included in that news item.