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YouTube finds homes

An RSPCA animal shelter in Exeter has discovered a novel way of finding new homes for their fluffy guests: YouTube!

A six-year-old Collie called Milo is one of the first canines to look for a new family in this way. Milo’s YouTube video shows him playing with his friends at the RSPCA’s Little Valley Animal Shelter. ‘Milo is a happy chap with a cheerful disposition, he’s popular with everyone here at Little Valley. Plus his internet networking skills are amazing,’ says Neil Edwards, manager at the Little Valley shelter. ‘His ideal housemate and friend would be someone without any young children, who loves dogs and likes to stay active.

Staff at the shelter are hoping to release more videos to encourage potential pet owners. A friend of Milo’s, Toby (another collie), has also released a YouTube video... A canine pal could be just a click away!

You can also tune into the videos at