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Aberdeen considers ‘lead law’

A proposal has been put forward to make dog leads compulsory for all dogs in and around Aberdeen’s parks. The bid is currently under review by the city council.

The idea was put forward by Rosemount councillor Bill Cormie following several complaints from people who claimed that their children had been frightened by dogs off the lead. ‘I am not trying to target responsible dog owners, but I would be letting my constituents down with the number of complaints I have been receiving,’ Councillor Cormie told BBC Scotland. ‘People have come to me about over-excited dogs. In one case one child was badly scratched, and children became frightened.’

However, several dog owners have blasted the proposal as they believe that their dogs can behave themselves perfectly well when off the lead. ‘I think it’s absolutely ridiculous, when you think of the damage done by vandals, and they worry about dogs who cause no harm at all in parks,’ says one dog owner.