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Changes at SKC’s AGM

AT THE SKC’s Annual General Meeting last month, Miss Lisa Moir was welcomed to Executive Council. Lisa has been showing for over 15 years enjoying some success, winning Scottish Handler of the Year and making up champions in German and Japanese Spitz.
She studied at Napier University and graduated with an honours degree in Business Studies with Entrepreneurship.

Since 2004 Lisa has serve The Young Kennel Club as a senior member having an integral role in managing the events rings at Crufts and also as a group leader at camp and other YKC events as well as being a Committee Member of Lothian Canine Club.

At the Executive Council's first meeting following the AGM, Mrs Anne Macdonald and Miss Chris Holmes were re-elected as Convener and Vice-Convener respectively. This will be 5th year in office for Anne and Chris.