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Man sentenced for killing Stafford

A man who killed his pet dog by putting it in the washing machine has been jailed for four months.
Andrew Glazzard - who was drunk when he committed the crime - told police he put the Stafford , Maisie, in the machine for a few seconds to teach her a lesson after she fouled the floor of his home.

Glazzard, 41, of Dudley claims she was wagging her tail when she came out, so he put her back in but then fell asleep. When he finally awoke Maisie was dead. He put her in a bag and disposed of the body in the River Stour.

During the trial at Halesowen Magistrates’ Court Glazzard admitted to causing unnecessary suffering to his pet dog. Magistrates told him that he had committed a ‘heinous and horrendous crime.’

Police photographs show bite marks made by Maisie in the drum of the machine at Glazzard’s house in Lye in Stourbridge. His solicitor, Amanda Hahn, released a statement saying that Glazzard realised he needed help for alcoholism.