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Obituary - Colin Stevens

I was sad to hear from Marie Stevens that Colin had passed away. Marie and Colin Stevens first came into Great Danes in the early 70’s. Because of their professional commitments they only bred in a small way under the Maricol prefix, although they did have a Champion and owned several very good winners.

Both became deeply interested in the administration side - Colin was a Vice President of the Great Dane Breeders and Owners Association. In 1989 it was decided to introduce a Lancashire Heeler into the household and before long Colin became as captivated by the charms of the intelligent little breed as the Great Danes, and it wasn’t long before he was invited to be the Chairman of the Lancashire Heeler Club - a position he held for some years. He was also an active member of the Kent County Committee, on which he served for many years.

He was also a popular member of the Kennel Club and enjoyed the social side. As his debilitating illness progressed Mason Minns, Joan Payne and several members of the Kennel Club used to visit him and take him out for a pub lunch. I know he was overwhelmed by their kindness, which brought some interest and happiness into his life.

Colin was an Electrical Engineer for the Great Diesel System but had to retire at 50 (which he considered an early age) due to his illness. He was a truly ‘lovely man’ - amusing, happy and thoroughly reliable. His long years of suffering are now ended. Our condolences to his widow, Marie, and his many friends. Colin is now at peace and we should celebrate his life.
Funeral will be held at 12:45 South Fleet Church, Gravesend on 24th April.

Jean Lanning