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Facebook locates missing Bull Terrier

A BULL Terrier who had been missing for a year has been reunited with his delighted owner, thanks to staff at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home’s Lost Dogs & Cats Line and the social networking website, Facebook.

Ben Dalby from Chelmsford was devastated when his Bull Terrier, Ozzy, went missing from his garden in last April. The dog was brought into Battersea from Romford and despite being microchipped, it proved impossible to get hold of the owner. A member of staff decided to take a look at some missing pet websites and was thrilled when she spotted Ozzy on However, his owner still proved elusive and it was down to the initiative of Battersea staff that Ben was eventually tracked down via Facebook.

Ben was thrilled to hear that Ozzy was at Battersea and was reunited with his dog last week, saying, “Thanks to Battersea’s detective work, I’ve got Ozzy back and I’m over the moon. Little does he know that he’s got a new playmate at home, Lola the Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross, but I’m sure they’ll get on great.”